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Manuscripts and Documentation Fund Department

 The department was established in 1939. Manuscripts and books, notes, letters, postcards, personal documents, photos, author’s works and articles from periodical press are kept here. The total stock makes more than 40 000 units (about 60 000 items). All the items undergo scientific development. Stocks of P. Terlemezian, G. Sharbabchian, H. Gyurjian, V. Sureniants, A. Fetvadjian, R. Chichmanian, Hovh. Aivazovsky and O. Avedissian are more remarkable with regard to the rich material. Those collections were donated or bequeathed to the Gallery by the artists or their families.
Adjacent to the department is the library of the Gallery, here the literature has been collected since the first years of the establishment of the museum through purchases and donations. The library stock mainly consists of professional literature, including art history, painting, graphic art, sculpture, applied art and architecture. Besides, there are books on general history and archeology, as well as a small amount of fiction. The library stock includes about 13 000 units of books in different languages and continues to be actively replenished.

Head of Department. Ruzanna Andreasyan