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Manuscripts and Documentation Fund Department

The Department was founded in 1939 by the efforts of art historian Daniel Dznuni (author of the first compact dictionary “Armenian Fine Artists”) and Minas Sargsian. The Department collection includes manuscripts and books, notebooks, letters, postcards, personal documents, photographs, author’s works (painting, graphic art, sculpture), and articles from periodicals.

The Department has 190 collections eight of which include materials on Ancient Armenian Art, Art, General Exhibitions, art historians, the National Gallery of Armenia, Armenian Artists, Diaspora Artists, and deceased artists. The remaining 182 collections contain materials on separate authors. The whole collection comprises over 35000 conservation units, which consist of over 60000 items. The whole material is available for research.

Of all the collections the richest are those of P.Terlemezian, G. Sharbabchian, H. Gurdjian, V. Sureniants, A. Fetvajian, R. Chichmanian, H. Aivazovsky, O. Avetisian, and others. The collections are remarkable because they provide abundant data not only about the artists mentioned, but also other artists who worked during that time period. These materials were donated either by the artists’ families or by the artists themselves.

The Department materials are extensively used by gallery personnel, as well as specialists and students working in the sphere of fine arts.

There are 2 staff members.

Head of the Department: Anahit Khlghatyan