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Decorative-Applied Art Department

The Department was created in 1968. Its collection houses around 4000 valuable artisan and manufactured works from Armenia, Russia, Europe and Eastern countries. 879 objects of the collection have found their place among the exhibits of the permanent collection.
The most valuable part of the collection – the applied art of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece – is displayed in a separate hall situated on the seventh floor of the gallery. In the other halls of the same floor one can get acquainted with the 18th-19th century German, Dutch, French and English porcelain, samples, as well as 19th-20th century French glassware and unique objects of the 16th-17th century furniture.
The Imperial Russian porcelain and production items from private factories are displayed in all the halls of the sixth floor. The first floor boasts a rich collection of ceramics, metal, wooden, ivory and textile objects made by Chinese, Japanese and Iranian masters.
Of great importance is the collection of clocks displayed in two halls of the second floor. The above mentioned items as well as the 16th-18th century Armenian applied art (silverware, glassware, pottery), completes the integrity of the permanent exhibition.

There are 2 stuff members.

Head of the Department. Satenik Chuqaszyan