Events / Exhibitions

23.04.2012 - 21.09.2012


Series of paintings (triptych) by Arev Petrosyan is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Armenian typography and the program “Yerevan -2012 World book capital”.

“National Memory”
Today we are the bearers of national values, culture, cities constructed by Armenian great kings and at last gene…
…unfortunately, we can feel their spirit by their pictures only and I think every single person has to express deepest respect, feel pride and responsibility towards his own type of being ARMENIAN…”

“Spiritual Revival”
This painting expresses two parallel ideas; as The Christ was born to be sacrificed for sake of people, the creation of the Armenian alphabet by Mashtots appeared to be a special spiritual revival, cultural development, spread of religion, and the most important preservation of Armenian nation… ”

“As a result of technical and technological development new factories, manufacture, new cities, new models of human lifestyle appeared. The great period of typography gave people “the heavenly secret”-KNOWLEDGE. Unfortunately, on the other side, I consider these developments to be the collapse of spiritual human species.


Unknown Artist

Portrait of an Amsterdam Merchant

fabric, oil
87x67,5 cm