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11.09.2012 - 30.09.2012

Zakar Khachatryan

Zakar Khachatryan was born in 1924 in Sarnakunk village of Sisian region. After a four-year fight in the Great Patriotic War and after the treatment of serious wounds, Zakar Khachatryan returned and received his education first at Goris Pedagogical college and then at Yerevan Musical college.
In 1947, as he couldn’t afford himself to live in a hostel, he decided to return to Sisian. Perfectly studying at P. Terlemezian’s art college and Yerevan Art Institute, Zakar Khachatryan completed his higher artistic education at Leningrad State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture after I. Repin. He was awarded Repin’s and Stalin’s scholarships.
After having got fundamental education at Repin Art Institute under the supervision of such renowned artist like the vice president of the USSR’s Art Academy, academician B. Ioganov, Zakar Khachatryan brilliantly graduated from the academy. The president of the State Examination Commission, the president of the USSR’s Art Academy, academician A. Gerasimov chose exactly Z. Khachatryan for him to perfect himself at his studio for four years. So the classical realist-artist appeared. Zakar Khachatryan was also concerned in leading trends of painting in the world and particularly in France. Here impressionistic trend is meant of course, where one could perceive the world more exactly by means of true and skillful combination of colours, reaching more artistic generalization of expression of human mood, air transparency and space.
The theme of Zakar Khachatryan’s inspiration and creativity is nature and human life with its pleasant and severe aspects. Being a four-year participant of the Great Patriotic War and the witness of the death of thousands of soldiers, enduring their mothers’ inconsolable sorrow, the artist couldn’t stay indifferent towards exciting themes reflecting great sacrifices of war and mothers’ sorrow in the world. 


Self-portrait (1949)

canvas, oil
42,5x32,5 cm