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16.02.2013 - 00.00.0000

Mkrtich Sedrakyan's Exhibition Dedicated To His 90th Anniversary

 The People’s Artist of Armenia Mkrtich Sedrakyan’s (1922-2009) personal exhibition will be open at the National Gallery of Armenia on February 16. The exhibition is dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the deserved artist and pedagogue.

The artist was distinguished by his patriotic pathos and the unique creative style.  His art became known through his numerous republican and foreign exhibitions.

Large and multi-figure compositions depicting the national heroic battle of the past and the present make the important part of Sedrakyan’s rich creative heritage. His artworks also include native landscapes endowed with lyrical mood and love; compositions extolling the harmony between human and the nature as well as portraits of historical people and those of our contemporaries.

The exhibition will include only works of portraiture. His works at the National Gallery and those belonging to the artist’s family and individual owners will be brought together. Some of the artworks will be exhibited for the first time.



Reading (1918)

canvas, cardboard, oil
23,3x15,8 cm