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16.09.2016 - 19.10.2016

“The Bazhbeuk-Melikians. Two Generations”

 The National Gallery of Armenia for the first time presents “The Bazhbeuk-Melikians. Two Generations” large-scale exhibition on September 16, at 15.00 p.m.The exhibition is dedicated to Armenian distinguished painter Alexander Bazhbeuk-Melikian’s 125th birth anniversary and to his creative family Lavinia, Zuleyka and Vazgen.
The exhibition is aimed at representing the creative heritage of the talented family to the larger society and at making the art of those four brilliant individuals appreciable and knowable.
The exhibition includes not only works from the NGA’s permanent expositions and storages, but also those from family and private collections.

The art of Tiflis-Armenian painter Alexander Bazhbeuk-Melikian (1891-1966) has its special place in Armenian fine art of the first half of the 20th century. The artist was born in Tiflis (currently-Tbilisi) and learned at local School of Fine Arts. In 1910, he finished Art School of the Caucasus Society for the Encouragement of Arts, then he continued his education at I. Meshkov Studio (Moscow) and until1917, he attended Imperial Academy of Arts (St. Petersburg).
All his life the artist depicted and praised his wife and dedicated his works to her. He, indeed, could be considered a perfect master of women’s portraits.
The art of Lavinia Bazhbeuk-Melikian (1922-2005) has its firm place in the diversity of Armenian painting of the sixties. Her works reflectcoloursof Sarian’s art and the traditions of Russian “severe style” in own interpretation. The artist painted mostly portraits and still lifes, which stood out with their colourfulness, fervent and condensed form and simple arrangement of composition.
The art of Zuleyka Bazhbeuk-Melikian (born in 1939) brought a new breath to the fine art of the seventies. Her multilayered and pointillist method as well as the colour firework, incarnated with theatrical and romantic soulexpress brightness; they are too emotional and musical. She is often called “Musician with a brush in her hand”.
Vazgen Bazhbeuk-Melikian (1941-2004) was one of the peculiar and innovate artists of Armenian modern painting. In early period he created paintings, later he made assemblages, collages juxtaposing several materials on one surface (rusty nails, broken pottery, porcelain, wood and parts of carpet). The artist made a dialogue with material, trying to pass it on to the viewers, he made them think it over, have new feelings and reveal the truth. By the way, the year 2016 makes the 75th birth anniversary of the artist.

Later lecture dedicated to life and creative activity of the Bazhbeuk family is planned to be delivered. A memory morning perfomance, a concert program and an interactive excursion game are also expected to take place.

 The exhibition curator-Margarita Khachatryan.


Portrait of Gaidau Shalamont

canvas, oil
172x98 cm