Events / Exhibitions

05.10.2017 - 25.11.2017

Henryk Czesnik ,,Dangerous Fun,,

The exhibition of Polish famous artist Henryk Cześnik’s works opens on October 5, 2017 at the National Gallery of Armenia.

Polish famous artist Henryk Cześnik has been exhibiting his artworks since the beginning of the 1970’s. The artist has participated in numerous exhibitions in homeland and abroad. Like many artists, he has also taken great interest in avant-garde and post-modernist art trends. He is endowed with exceptional talent for graphic art skillfully mastering the line. H. Cześnik’s artworks stand out with their extreme expressiveness, sometimes reaching to grotesque. He has a symbolic and multi-layered world of figures, including reminiscences of surrealism, expressionism and abstract art. The artist’s predilections for V. Van Gogh, E. Schiele, O. Kokoschka, P. Klee and F. Bacon are true evidence of the above mentioned.
At present time professor Henryk Cześnik is the head of the studio “Bases of Painting and Drawing” at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, where he has, in his time, studied in Painting department.


Hovnatanyan Hakob Mkrtum

The Portrait of Shushanik Nadirian (1840-50-ական թթ.)

canvas, oil
80x64 cm