Events / Exhibitions

16.03.2018 - 16.04.2018

Nvard Zarian. 100th birth anniversary exhibition

 Sculptor Nvard Zarian (1917-2005), widely known in Italy, was born in Florence into the family of Armenian eminent writer Kostan Zarian and pianist Taguhi Shahnazarian. She spent her early childhood in Armenia for a short time, then almost all her life she lived in Italy. N. Zarian got her professional education at the Academies of Arts in Milan, Venice and Rome at distinguished sculptors Wildt and Zanelli.
In 1938, in Rome the artist participated in the pan-Italian exhibition of fine art for the first time and introduced her tufa statue “Maternity”. In the years of World War II, N. Zarian actively participated in the Italian resistance movement. After the war, she delivered lectures at the Academy of Arts of Rome. The latter acquired some works by the artist.
N. Zarian had personal exhibitions in Copenhagen, Oslo and elsewhere. She had exhibitions together with a group of Italian renowned artists including Guttuso and Cimara. In 1951, she took up the decorative sculptures of the new station of Rome. In 1964, N. Zarian introduced her works to Armenian art lovers. She donated twenty-five works to the National Gallery of Armenia.
In 1996, N. Zarian’s last personal exhibition was organized in the medieval castle of Santa Marinella.
Many works by the artist are housed in museums of various countries and in private collections.


Girl in front of Cupid Sculpture

canvas, oil
165x101 cm