Events / Exhibitions

06.04.2019 - 30.04.2019

Antoine Wagner.Sentimental Analysis

 Wagner studied Theater and Political Sciences at Northwestern University and Sciences-Po Paris
before assisting Michael Haneke on “Funny Games US”. After his first site -specific installation
Lisz[:T:]raum in Raiding, Austria in 2007 he directed a series of videos and documentaries with
contemporary international bands. His film “From a Mess to the Masses” explores the genesis of creation
with the band Phoenix.

2010, Wagner applied his education in drama and the moving image to photography, setting himself
the challenge of exploring the possibilities of narrative in a silent and motionless environment
through abstract photography. Through his multifaceted artistic practice, Wagner’s work include silence (as a soundtrack), mythology (as a script), sound visualization (as the dialogue) and the anthropomorphic elements found in Nature (as characters).
In 2018 Wagner directed the second Act of Richard Wagner’s “Die Walkure” at Frank Gehry’s New World Center in Miami. The work he created for the one-time performance will be part of an exhibition and the book Act II in 2020.

Wagner’s work is part of the permanent collection of the Collection Lambert, The Foundation Hermes and Voelkerkunde Museum in Hamburg.

I would describe myself as an independent filmmaker experimenting the art of storytelling in spaces outside the conventional platforms of screening rooms - Antoine Wagner.



canvas, oil
47,5x69 cm