Events / Exhibitions

14.09.2019 - 24.10.2019

Wang Guangyi. Exhibition Popular Study on Anthropology

The National Gallery of Armenia is pleased to present Wang Guangyi’s exhibition Popular Study on Anthropology, a highly important cultural event that, while paying homage to one of the greatest contemporary artists in China, testifies our museum will to propose itself as a forge of contemporary research.
Following the spirit of time, the unpublished cycle of works Popular Study on Anthropology, which Wang Guangyi has realized for this exhibition at the National Gallery of Armenia, deals with a highly topical issue: the categorization of human physical features inevitably leading to easy and instrumental simplifications based on true falsehoods which exclude, lead to exalt or stigmatize entire communities of individuals, ignoring the essence of the human being. Demetrio Paparoni, a critic who has been following the developments of Wang Guangyi’s work for many years, focuses here on this new cycle of works.
Popular Study on Anthropology highlights the arbitrariness of every interpretation and cataloguing based on physical characteristics, cataloguing that led and continues to lead to the aberration of racial persecution and ethnic cleansing. Once again, Wang Guangyi does not present himself as an artist who offers solutions to the distortions of society, rather as an observer proposing us questions related to the essence of the human being, to ask himself and make us ask ourselves what lies behind the phenomena. In doing so, he puts the observers in the condition to start their own research and give their own answers.


Self-portrait (1909)

canvas, oil
34x29 cm