Events / Exhibitions

20.04.2021 - 06.05.2021


 The exhibition "SA-NRANITS-HIN" opens at the National Gallery of Armenia on April 20, dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Sites. Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries make the main theme of the exhibition. According to the legend, Sanahin (this one is older than that one) was the name of the monastery older than Haghpat Monastery. The medieval monastic complexes, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List back in the 1990’s as exceptional values created by the mankind, were built during the heyday of Armenian architecture and became the most important spiritual and scientific- elucidative centers of medieval Armenia.
This exhibition, exclusive in its scope of subject-matter, is based on the dialogue that bears the most important message of preservation and restoration and re-evaluation of the same cultural heritage of the Armenian fine arts and cinematography.
Unique drawings-documents of architectural details of Armenian churches and temples and ornaments penciled by Arshak Fetvadjian with exclusive precision and created during the tours in Western and Eastern Armenia between 1900 to 1919 make the main part of the exhibition. These architectural drawings, exhibited in the Decorative Arts Museum of Louvre and in the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London, in the Royal Institute of British Architects and elsewhere back in 1920-1922 and which “have become a revelation” are exhibited today in Armenia for the first time. The masterly executed pencil drawings depict the columns and capitals, the ornamental belts and wall patterns, the squares and windows of the famous monastic complexes. The exhibition presents paintings of H. Shamshinian, Y. Tadevossian, P. Terlemezian and graphic artworks of R. Bedrosov, V. Aivazyan and O. Alhazian.
The exhibition also displays the unique installation of footage not included in the final version of S. Parajanov’s famous “The Colour of Pomegranates” film.
Opening of the exhibition is at 17:30. It will be preceded by the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the National Cinema Center of Armenia and the National Gallery of Armenia (17:00).



canvas, oil
61x70 cm