Events / Exhibitions

02.10.2021 - 05.11.2021

Donators and Donations. Aivazovsky, Chabanian, Mahokian, Mahtessian

 The first exhibition of the large-scale project "Donators and Donations" in the National Gallery of Armenia.

The selected artworks of Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky and his junior contemporaries Arsène Chabanian, Vartan Mahokian, Emmanuel Mahtessian are exhibited together for the first time. The works in the exhibition have been donated as complete collections or separate valuable works to the National Gallery by the collectors and contributors Hakob Ekizler, Varvareh Kananian, Abraham Djindjian, the Tchamkerten family, Garik Basmadjian and other donators. Along with valuable works by the four prominent marine artists of the 19th and early 20th centuries the exhibition features a unique "unified portrait" comprising the biographies of those major donators.

The exhibition is open from October 2 to November 5.

Head of the project - Marina Hakobyan
Exhibition coordinator - Haykush Sahakyan


Mythological Subject

canvas, oil
85x95 cm