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31.05.2022 - 20.08.2022

Statue of a Worker. Post Scriptum

According to the famous sculptor of the statue Ara Harutiunyan (1928–1999), the “Glory to Labour” or the “Statue of a Worker”, as popularly called, was representing the working man and was the figure of an Armenian, walking towards Western Armenia with his eyes to Mount Ararat.

In 1997, after Armenia had become independent, the statue, viewed by the public as a socialist monument, was dismantled and disappeared overnight. The author learned about the destruction of his work only in the morning which caused severe health impacts.

In 2004, fragments of the “Statue of a Worker” were found. In 2011, the “Art Laboratory” union artists again reminded of the figure of the “Worker”, and the wall adjacent to the “Gortsaranayin” station got covered with the picture of the statue, full-length.For the first time the monumental fragments of the statue will be represented in the  National Gallery.

Post Scriptum

The conceptual basis of this exhibition, exclusive in meaning, is the imperative of preserving, restoring and re-evaluating cultural heritage.

Curator of the exhibition: MARIAM DAVTYAN, Head of Sculpture department of the  National Gallery of Armenia, art historian
The exhibiton will be open from June 1
Entrance: from the Republic Square and Aram street


Figure of a Swimming Woman (1933)

canvas, oil
64,5x53,5 cm