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03.06.2016 - 15.06.2016

“Ruben Drambian: art historian, museologist and intellectual”. Symposium dedicated to his 125th birth anniversary

“National Gallery of Armenia” SNGO and Art Institute of NAS of RA are organizing a symposium entitled “Ruben Drambian: art historian, museologist and intellectual…” on October 5-6, 2016, in Yerevan. The symposium is dedicated to the 125th birth anniversary of the intellectual. Please, send your participation applications prior to June 15, 2016 (see below the application form) and report concepts (2 pages) prior to July 15, 2016(included) to Please, fill in your participation applications in Unicode format.
Materials represented during the symposium will be publishedas a collection. For questions and additional information please turn to ArmineGabrielyan, “National Gallery of Armenia” SNGO (0010, Arami 1, Yerevan). E-mail:, or call 010-58-08-16 (work), 091-52-61-34, 055-25-31-25.



“Ruben Drambian: art historian, museologist and intellectual”.Symposium dedicated to his 125th birth anniversary.

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Portrait of a Young Man (17-րդ դար)

canvas, oil
71x55 cm