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22.07.2016 - 22.07.2016

Alaverdi-Etchmiadzin Cultural Cooperation

 On June 21, the mayor of Etchmiadzin Karen Grigoryan together with some artists had a non-official visit to Alaverdi. The guests visited Alaverdi Art Gallery (branch of NGA), after it, they visited the AlikPapoyan School of Fine Art and then the Museum of Mikoyan Brothers in Sanahin.
A cultural cooperation is going to be realized between these two cities. Within the scope of the cooperation an exhibition of artists’ works living in Alaverdi will be open on July 22 in Etchmiadzin and Alaverdi will welcome the artists from Etchmiadzin in September. Both events are dedicated to the day of the city of Alaverdi.


Landscape with Figures

canvas, oil
99x116 cm