Events / Exhibitions

28.09.2023 - 30.12.2023

Our Mountains

The National Gallery of Armenia, with the support of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, presents the large-scale project "Our Mountains".

Within the scope
of the large-scale project "Our Mountains", established around one concept and regularly changing, famous canvases from the collection of the National Gallery will be displayed in the exhibition halls of Armenian ancient and medieval art. This will be the start of the series of outdoor advertising campaigns that are widespread in world museums practice, and will cover Yerevan and many settlements of the regions in the Republic of Armenia.

this series of original artworks within the museum and the thematic "poster" ones outside the museum aims to draw the attention of residents and tourists to Armenian national values and rich cultural heritage. In addition, organization of similar "poster" exhibitions in public spaces is meant to contribute to the formation of urban advertising and demand of various strata of society for high-quality content.



Valentin Serov Alexandrovich

“Portrait of M. Akimova” (1908)

canvas, oil
77x62 cm