Events / Exhibitions

11.10.2023 - 15.03.2024

Hagop Hagopian. Mirror of Soul

 The exhibition dedicated to Hagop Hagopian’s 100th birth anniversary presents the artist’s rich creative heritage, about 100 paintings and graphic works, sculptures from the collections of the National Gallery of Armenia, Museum of Modern Art, as well as from family and private collections. The exhibition is organized based on chronological sequence and genre and thematic diversity; both the best works of the artist's creative years and those of transitional stages are presented here.

Hagop Hagopian’s own perceptions of life are at the root of his art. Throughout his long creative years the artist has always been concerned about the subject of man, the way to present him from everyday or allegorical aspects in different stages of life. He also searched other ways to liberate himself from the two-dimensional plane, to make the inanimate breathe.

Hagop Hagopian could incorporate unique colour thinking, stylistic and aesthetic principles into the artistic environment, which were accepted and acknowledged as a manifestation of alternative, thus developing Hagopianesque unique creative thinking.

Exhibition curator: Margarita Khachatryan


Valentin Serov Alexandrovich

“Portrait of M. Akimova” (1908)

canvas, oil
77x62 cm