Education Programs / Lectures


Within the framework of the NGA Educational programs special lectures are given.
Lectures will be delivered by the NGA art historians. Each theme will be discussed in special auditoriums and halls, supported by didactic material, as well as observation of artworks from the Gallery holdings.

Reflection of Church Major Feasts in Medieval Armenian Painting

Knarik Avetisyan: Five Major Feasts of Armenian Apostolic Church (Christmas, Easter, Vardavar, the Assumption of the Virgin, Khachverats) are reflected in various genres of Medieval Armenian art (mural painting, manuscript, easel iconography).

The NGA collection comprises numerous exquisite works created during 7th-18th cc...


Armenian Painting in the 19th and early 20th centuries

Armen Gasparyan: The 19th century was crucial for both Armenian painting and culture. During this period it embarked on a new stage, during which different genres were formed. There was a historic demand to eliminate the consequences of previous regress. Thus, Armenian painting started to keep pace with artistic movements of the world…


The Development of Historic Painting in Armenian Art

Armen Gasparyan: The lecture introduces the establishment of historic painting in National art in late 19th century (V. Surenyants) and its development in the 20th century (Ed. Issabekian, G. Khanjian, S. Galstian), encompassing historic landscape, still life and portraiture as presented in historic context…


Genre Painting in Tiflis-Armenian Art (19th -20th cc.)

Marina Yeghiazaryan: The representatives of Armenian visual arts of 19th -20th cc.: H. Hovnatanian, S. Nersissian, V. Khojabekian, A. Bazhbeuk-Melikian, H. Karalian, G. Grigorian (Giotto), Ye. Kochar, V. Elibekian and others were creating in Tiflis, the cultural center of Transcaucasia.

The majority of them reflected everyday activities of Armenians of Tiflis…


The Art of Engravers of Early 20th Century (Edgar Chahine, Tigran Polat, Garzou, Jeansem)

Nune Tadevosyan: The lecture features life and activity of four distinguished Armenian engravers living in France, one of the biggest Armenian colonies. These artists made an enormous contribution to the history of French prints…


Iranian Art in the National Gallery of Armenia

Anush Hakobyan: The NGA collection of Iranian decorative-applied art includes exquisite porcelain, fabric, metal and wooden artifacts of 16th -19th cc. (Safavid and post-Safavid periods), representing mastery of Armenian and Iranian masters of Shiraz and Isfahan…


Types and Techniques of Engraving

Marina Hakobyan: The lecture introduces the types and techniques of engraving: etching, woodcut, linocut, lithograph and so on. Engraving tools and estampe are shown, too.


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Portrait of Gaidau Shalamont

canvas, oil
172x98 cm