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Summer School at the National Gallery of Armenia. June 3-July 22, 2017

Dear art lovers!
The National Gallery of Armenia invites all children aged 6-14 to participate in summer school programs to be hold during the months June-July. There will be two various programs this year: “Bright Palette” (14 visits) and “The Very Best” (12 visits). The programs are aimed at discovering the NGA collection as well as the masterpieces by the renowned artists exhibited in the leading world museums. They give them an opportunity to create themselves, to get an aesthetic education in specific museum atmosphere and to spend eventful time. Thematic- interactive and educational programs will be organized for children including film and cartoon viewing, workshops and visits to some branches of the Gallery.

  •  Participants of the interactive-educational program series “Bright Palette” (14 visits) will get acquainted with life and creative activity of Armenian and foreign artists through the Gallery’s collection.
  • Participants of the interactive-educational program series “The Very Best” (12 visits) will get acquainted with life of world famous artists (Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Pablo Picasso, Kazimir Malevich, Pollock, Van Gogh and others) as well as with their masterpieces preserved in various leading world museums.
  • The interactive-educational program series “Art and Literature” was implemented in 2016. This year as well, at the National Gallery of Armenia and in the Museum of Literature and Art the participants will learn about the peculiarities of fine arts, literature, cinema, theatre and the art of music as well as they can get acquainted with distinguished artists.

Each group has two visits a week with a limited group member quantity (10-15 children). For participation parents are requested to register their children prior to May 25. The registration may be done by the following link: prior to May 25, 2017

For further information please call: +374 94 068001, +374 55 510840, +374 41 771677, or send an e-mail to





canvas, oil
47,5x69 cm