16.09.2015 - 16.09.2015

The National Gallery of Armenia already has a new director.

The National Gallery of Armenia already has a new director. Arman Tsaturyan, an art historian by profession, in his interview to said how he would like to see the national Gallery in further years. 

-Why did you decide to apply for the vacancy of the director of the National Gallery?
-I am an art historian. The National Gallery has never been an odd place for me. I spent my student years here preparing for my candidate thesis. I was in close relations with the NGA for about eight years and more. But I happened to work in other places; I also organized many major events of the country. But I never lost touch with my favourite field. When an opportunity appeared to return to sources and set to a favourite work I decided to apply for this post.
-Mr. Tsaturyan, did you notice any shortcomings in the activity of the NGA and would you like to correct them?
-A very difficult question. Firstly, I would like to say that I never criticize anyone without having studied the problem and never pick on other’s work without doing anything by myself. Of course, I see what to do in the future. But I would like not to answer this question. We’ll come back to the question in one or two months of my work.
-What do you see in the future of the NGA?
-I would like the National Gallery to be one of the leading cultural centers with its powerful scientific and creative potential and gather the representatives of both the modern and classic art. I would like it to be the anchor of gathering everyone around and to see it among the best European renowned museums.
-Does the National Gallery have that opportunity?
-In fact, our national heritage and the cultural values exhibited at the National Gallery have the opportunity to make the museum world renowned. The rest is a matter of a good management. All these can be realized by cooperation with the scientific staff members. Most of them were my lecturers at the Academy and some of the Heads of Departments and me were students of the same year. This is just work to be done.
-Usually, when there is a new director they talk about staff change.
-As I have already mentioned I am familiar with the NGA’s staff. I know most of them personally. There are staff members I don’t know but I am going to go round and get acquainted with each of them. I would like to see the National Gallery among the best European museums.



Terlemezian Panos

Mount Süphan (Sipan) from Island Ktuts (Beak) (1915)

canvas, oil
70x90 cm