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10.06.2023 - 15.03.2024

Intérieur français : une époque de raffinement

 The exhibition “Intérieur français : une époque de raffinement presents French decorative-applied art of the 18th-19th centuries. The original artefacts of Rococo style demonstrate wealth and luxury of the French royal court. The idea of eternal youth and beauty, escape from reality, and the pastoral world make the ideological basis of Rococo style. The Rococo, or Louis XV style”, is characterized by fine elaboration of jewelry, the generalized contours, and luxury.

Life at the Palace of Versailles with its welcoming and luxurious ceremonies dictated the nature of interior objects. The furniture in the Palace halls created a warm atmosphere for heart-to-heart talks and tea parties with music. Thematically, pastoral scenes prevailed, where characters indulged in the pleasure of love against the background of a beautiful landscape.

The 18th to 19th-century French armoires, commodes, mantel clocks, as well as pieces of Rococo style from the Sèvres porcelain factory are displayed in the exhibition.

Exhibition curators: Satenik Choogaszyan, Lilit Aghabekyan


Zakaryan Zakar

Still Life with a Coffee Grinder (1890-1900-ական թթ.)

canvas, oil
38x46 cm