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23.03.2024 - 01.06.2024

Salome. Story of a Restored Masterpiece

The National Gallery of Armenia continues the project “A Story of a Restored Exhibit and this year it presents the restoration story of the famous masterpiece depicting the most mysterious figure ever. Taken from the permanent exhibition wall in 2019 and kept in the restoration studio for years Salome returns to the exhibition hall.

The Restoration and Conservation Department of the National Gallery, formed already in the 1930s, today has become the most versatile studio in the field of restoration and the unique one in Armenia with its professional restoration of paintings.

Demonstrating the process of restoration of cultural values has become a new museum trend in recent years in different world countries, which is an opportunity for the visitor to appear in the mysterious and often inaccessible world of restoration of cultural values, to get acquainted with the complex and responsible work of restorers, to become its indirect and direct participant.

A brief video clip and photos of work process with their explanatory notes featuring the long restoration process are displayed next to the restored canvas of Vardges Sureniants, the greatest master of Armenian fine arts.

The first exhibition hall presents a restoration studio corner, a work table with appropriate tools and material, an easel, etc. Among the most interesting “pieces” of the sub-area are the microscope and the UV lamp, which help the visitor to independently examine the restored parts of the artwork, its retouching and other interventions.


The exhibition also presents the tactile copy of painting Salome meant for people with visual impairment.

Head of the project and exhibition curator: Marina Hakobyan


Girl's Head

canvas, oil
41,5x33 cm