Minas Avetisyan Museum

The Museum of Minas Avetisyan was founded in 1982 in the artist’s birthplace, in Jajur village.

The museum building was destroyed after 1988 earthquake and after the reconstruction it was reopened in 2003. It includes the collection of the Yerevan Studio which has been the branch of the NGA since 1979. Now the museum houses the works of the artist and his contemporaries.

Minas Avetisyan was one of the most prominent figures of Armenian painting of the 2nd half of the 20th century. He managed to combine contemporary trends of depiction with traditions of old Armenian painting.

In 1960’s, in the period of maximal advancement of the national fine arts, Minas presented his original pictorial language and profound national art.

In the portraits, landscapes and still life paintings the artist’s imagination surrenders to the objects, living forms and colouring. But most of his works were drawn from memory and imagination as recollections of various events and places, as personal and universal thoughts.

Minas was also the author of a number of frescos and stage decorations.

Address: Village of Jajur, Shirak Region
Tel: (+374 031) 26-66-84