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Scientific educational department

 The National Gallery of Armenia has a significant role in the spreading of national and world culture as well as in the sphere of aesthetic development of the society.
The scientific and educational work, systematized and targeted in the NGA, has started since 2008. Later, it went on within the framework of the activity of the NGA’s Public Affairs Department. The Scientific-Educational Department was officially established in 2016.
The department has permanently been realizing studies on revelation of educational and aesthetic needs of various target groups. The scientific-educational activity strategy and projects are formed based on the study results, and target groups are selected. Thematic interactive educational programs are developed for various age and social groups. The interactive programs are realized according to the NGA’s educational model. One of the main purposes of it is to meet the modern society necessities, to represent the material to each visitor in an available “way” with the use of relevant psychological-pedagogical methods. Each program is subjected to methodological, terminological and content evaluation. The department cooperates with numerous state and private schools, higher educational institutions, other creative institutions, public organizations, at the same time enlarging the list of partners.
The department plans and implements various educational projects: seasonal schools, lectures, specialty retraining, art studios, developing games and others.
We are certain, a person growing up in the atmosphere of art in museum, will have a broader mental outlook, high value system and taste.
More information about the programs and registration is available by the following link: Interactive-educational programs

Head of Department: Ani Nazaryan
Department has 2 staff members