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Publication Department

One of the most important functions of the National Gallery is its publishing activity. Presently the gallery carries out an autonomous publishing scheme which is aimed at the wider availability of the rich museum collections to research and art-loving communities. Where possible it provides an easy method of accessing these published materials. The scope of publishing material prepared by the research departments of the gallery includes monographs, albums, research catalogues, exhibition pamphlets, catalogues, etc. The illustrated publications are mainly bilingual and have abstracts in one or two languages that enable foreigners to be better acquainted with the National Gallery. The whole academic research product passes through the NGA Publication Department. Here the works to be published undergo scientific, lingual and stylistic editing, and final proofreading. The Department also handles the computer design and prototyping of these materials. The publishing capacity of the gallery has been especially productive within the last ten-fifteen years.

The printed products of the gallery are available for sale in the museum shop and city bookstores.

There are 2 staff members at the department

Head of the Department: Ara Khachikoghlyan.