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Publishing Department

Since 1996, the establishment of the department, the National Gallery of Armenia has been implementing an independent publishing program, which is meant to make the rich collections of the museum available to the scientific society and wide circle of art lovers. Monographs, albums, scientific catalogues, temporary exhibition catalogues, booklets and others are prepared for publication and printed.
Here the works to be published undergo scientific and linguistic-and-stylistic editing, they are translated into other languages, their computer design and layout is carried out. The department cooperates with other publishing and printing houses, controls over layout and design activities, makes up contracts, follows their timely fulfilment and delivery of the product to the museum. The department employees carry out activities on scientific explications of permanent and temporary exhibitions: development of material, editing, translation of annotations, labels, booklets as well as that of press releases, announcements, banners, mailing, presentations, audio guides of permanent and temporary expositions. Recently it has been implemented various online projects of the museum. The literature published by the Gallery is on sale in the museum store and online at as well as in other bookstores.

Head of the Department: Ara Khachikoghlyan.