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Restoration and Conservation Department

The conservation of the museum items is under the responsibility of the painter-restorer. Nowadays many museums face the lack of skillful and professional restorers and conservators. Previously this important task was secured by separate professionals of the field. Included in this group were famous painters and museum work enthusiasts such as V. Akhikian, R. Loris-Melikov, A. Vardanian, V. Baghdasarian, as well as the famed scholar and art historian Lidia Dubnova who made an invaluable contribution to the establishment of the restoration and reproduction fields in Armenia.
The Department has been functioning since 1950 and steadily enriched by young, promising, and gifted personnel that have improved their qualifications in the restoration centers of Russia and Europe.
The Department restores and conserves all types of objects in the collection – painting, graphic art, sculpture, pottery, furniture, weaving, etc.
Along with permanent long-lasting restoration, the specialists make an immediate technical examination of all those works that are chosen to be displayed at temporary exhibitions in the gallery or at international expos.

There are 7 staff members.

Head of the Department: Igor Poghosyan