The Museum / Departments

Public Relations Department

The Department was set up in 2004. It seeks wide publicity and global access to the museum collections, promotes networking with NGOs, initiates a series of reciprocal relationships, and coordinates collaborative projects with museums and international cultural organizations (Russia, Germany, Japan, etc.). As a result of the collaborative activity, the above-mentioned countries have come up with interesting exhibitions. In 2010 the Department was reorganized and has widened its scope of activity. Since 2008 NGA specialists have developed and realized programs intended for different age groups of visitors. True to this directive, presently the NGA elaborates programs with pre-schools, secondary schools, higher education institutions, and tourist companies. The Department elucidates all NGA events, undertakes social work, assesses current programs, and carries out the administration of the web pages of the NGA and its Scientific-educational Department on Facebook. One of the aims of the department is to organize new training programs for the museum staff.

There are 2 staff members.

Nine volunteers of various professions and the NGA researchers contribute to the running of the Department.

Head of the Department: Anoush Nikoghosyan