The Museum / Departments

Marketing and Intercultural Relations Department

The department was established in 2017. It implements different projects aimed at increasing the number of visitors, expanding the circle of partners and sponsors and the spread of information on Gallery in Armenia and abroad. The department implements various events, establishes ties with local and foreign organizations for the purpose to organize cultural events and exhibitions. It takes control over the activity and sale of the Gallery store and online store, provides activities carried out in order to enrich the variety of souvenirs and publications on sale in compliance with the requirements of art loving society. In 2020 Public Relations Department, established in 2004, joined the Marketing and Intercultural Relations Department. Interpretation and coverage of the Gallery events, organizations of press conferences, close cooperation with mass media and publication of interviews are in permanent process. The NGA webpages are active on social network: Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Tripadvisor, the official is being constantly updated.