The Museum / Departments


The library makes up an integral part of the gallery. The department houses a library of books collected since the foundation of the museum by way of donations, purchases, and legacies.

The collection is mainly composed of specialist resources relating to associated spheres: art history, painting, graphic art, sculpture, applied art, and architecture. Besides this, there are also books on history, archaeology, and a small number of fiction works. The library resources include over 13000 items in different languages and its collections continue to grow.

The library is situated on the second floor of the second museum building and occupies two rooms. The library resources are extensively used by the gallery personnel, art historians from different institutions, painters, Higher Education Institution professors and students.

According to the data of the last five years, 64000 readers have made use of the library collections. 

There are 2 staff members.

Senior librarian: Ruzan Andreasyan